Ophthalmic Image Analysis

Current IIBI research investigates the pathology of many eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, macular holes, epiretinal membranes, macular edema, central serous choroidopathy, and of the optic disc, combining state of the art imaging modalities like optical coherence tomography with our well-established segmentation approaches.

Ophthalmic image analysis is performed by the following mutually collaborating groups at IIBI:

Abrámoff, Kwon, Sonka team

  • Fundus image analysis
    • Retinal abnormalities from fundus images
    • Vasculature analysis from fundus images
    • Commercialization by IDx
  • Retinal OCT image analysis:
    • Age-related Macular Degeneration, image-guided AMD treatment, prediction of AMD treatment outcome
    • Glaucoma - ​Assessing visual function from 3D OCT
  • Development of general-purpose OCT image analysis tools - Iowa Reference Algorithms
    • OCT Explorer
    • Just-Enough Interaction for multi-layer OCT image analysis
    • Batch processing of tens of thousands 3D OCT image datasets
  • Overarching publications

    Image Gallery

    Retinal image analysis of 3D OCT -  Iowa Reference Algorithms


    Left-to-right: OCTExplorer 3.8.0 (stable); OCTExplorer 5.0.0 (beta).

    Glaucoma - Assessing visual function from 3D OCT


    Left: actual and predicted 24-2 Humphrey visual field (HVF) pairs for 97 patients with early, morderate or advanced primary and secondry open angle glaucoma. Middle: Correlation of actual and predicted HVF at each test location, except locations at ONH, with predictors for each test location optimized based on retinal ganglion cell axonal complex (RGC-AC). Right: Optimized NFL path (green) for each predicted test location (red).

    Age-related Macular Degeneration from 3D OCT


    3D symptomatic exudate-associated derangements (SEADs) segmentation. Left-to-right: Central B-scan (XY) image; en-face (XZ) image; 3D rendering of retinal surfaces and SEADs; 3D rendering of SEADs.

    Choroid analysis from 3D OCT


    3D choroidal vessel segmentation. Left-to-right: Central B-scan (XY) image; en-face (XZ) image; 3D rendering.

    ONH analysis from 3D OCT


  • Optic disc segmentation (red: optic cup, green: neuroretinal rim). Left-to-right: Central B-scan image; OCT projection image; 3D rendering of the retinal surfaces textured using OCT projection image; registered fundus image; 3D rendering of the retinal surfaces textured using registered fundus image.

Garvin, Kardon team

  • Peripapillary OCT image analysis
    • Optic nerve head
    • Papillodema

The University of Iowa Institute for Vision Research

  • Genetic aspects of ophthalmic diseases
michael-abramoff@uiowa.edu, young-kwon@uiowa.edu, milan-sonka@uiowa.edu, mona-garvin@uiowa.edu, randy-kardon@uiowa.edu
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